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Eduential™ Coaches help you identify your passions and how to best utilize those skills in a career or relationship that aligns with your desires and strengths.
Julie Carter


My name is Julie Carter. I am passionate about motivating others to “achieve the impossible.” As a certified and licensed professional, business owner, and founder of Eduential™ LLC, I provide a mixed bag of coaching and entrepreneurial products and services to empower my clients. It would be an honor to help bring positive change to your life or business. The Planning – Commitment – Consistency – Patience (PCCP) approach is the foundation of my products and services. 


A good coach inspires you to achieve the best version you.

In a judgment-free zone, Eduential™ empowers you to bring forth your ability to do more that lies dormant. Eduential delivers a little bit of everything for everyone. There are one on one services and group services. Partnership with Eduential™ provides you with resources to better tackle your dilemmas. 

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Live to inspire and inspire to live on purpose. Having a coach in your life can be like having a personal life assistant to help you witness what exists but may lie hidden.

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Find your next partner at Eduential™.  Even when no one else gets it, having a coach empowers you to be the best version of yourself with accountability.

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Don't Die Before You Die! Julie has grown her social media platform to over 9,990 people with her unapologetic message of living life on purpose (with Stage IV Breast Cancer) since she first started her daily walks on August 1, 2022.

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Eduential™ has published two children's books via Kindle Direct Publishing, and you can self-publish too. Become an author by telling your story in such a way that captivates your audience. The best stories have yet to be shared.


Find Your Enthusiasm.

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Eduential™ believes that a framework for determining your direction in life and an ally to help you get to your destination. When you partner with Eduential™ through our PCCP approach, we define a goal, access your reality, determine your options, and hold you accountable for the way forward to unlock your full potential.

Amazon Store

Eduential™, through founder Julie Carter, has partnered with Amazon through her TikTok presence to become an Amazon Store influencer. Everything listed in the store is from Julie's order history unless otherwise indicated. Eduential™ uses social media to share recommendations, and purchases are subject to commission earnings.

Real Estate

Julie Carter REALTOR®


with Julie Carter, eXp Realty REALTOR®



Eduential™ Self-Publishing supports men and women on their path to authorship. Everyone has a unique story, and you should be confident to share yours with the world. Eduential™ Self-Publishing shows individuals how to get started with the KDP software process and move into authorship. 



Eduential™ was founded on the idea that education can be influential, and through that influence, we can get various perspectives and unlock hidden potential. Merchandise here carries the Eduential™ logo to continue building out of the brand and sustain and amplify supporter activity and awareness outside social media. 

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Eduential™ Motivational Speaking supports men and women on their path to unlocking their full potential. Eduential™ Motivation provides a different perspective that strategically shows individuals how to love themselves where they're at so they can move forward with their lives purposefully.